1- 2016 Social Media Marketing Platforms: 5 Key Trends – Heidi Cohen

Which 2016 Social Media Marketing Platforms should you use? Research analyzed to guide your marketing. Includes top 5 trends of 2016 (with charts).

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2- Using Google Tag Manager to Dynamically Generate Schema/JSON-LD Tags

Implementing Schema used to require a lot of changes to your site’s markup, but the JSON-LD format created a great alternative to adding microdata to a page with minimal code. This post details how to make it even easier to dynamically generate Schema.org/JSON-LD tags for your site using Google Tag Manager.

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3- Local SEO Ranking Factors Study 2016 – Local SEO Guide

We tried to reverse engineer Google’s Local Search algorithm by studying 100+ ranking factors across 35,000 businesses. Check out the results.

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4- The many names of Apple’s operating systems, from System 1 to macOS

It’s been 40 years since the Apple Computer Inc got its start, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, it has renamed (or reverted, as we will see) its..

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5- Long Live You: A Non-Profit Omni-channel Marketing Campaign

Blue Fountain Media collaborated with LiveOnNY, to develop an omni-channel digital marketing campaign surrounding the importance of organ donation in the New York metropolitan area. From strategy, to design, development, and execution, take a look and learn how a campaign comes to life.

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