1- Mobile marketing AMPlification: Content, performance and measurement

What’s the deal with Accelerated Mobile Pages, and how do they relate to micro-moments? Columnist Jim Yu discusses the connection and explains what brands need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

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2- Instagram Business Profiles: How to Set Up and Analyze Your Activities : Social Media Examiner

Wondering if an Instagram business profile is right for you? Discover what marketers need to know about the new Instagram business profiles.

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3- Legion Analytics is building bots to automate your sales pitch

Legion Analytics is looking to make your sales team more productive with the help of artificial intelligence. We covered the startup last year when it was..

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4- 5 Ways to Kill It with Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is the social network that doesn’t need an introduction. It is arguably where social me…

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5- 8 biggest digital entertainment trends in 2016 (so far)

Live streaming, music.ly and more make the cut.

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