1- 10 astounding digital marketing stats from this week

We’ve got loads of stats for you to get your teeth into this week, including news about CX, digital skills, Rio records and more.

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2- 7 Steps To Create Awesome Infographics [Infographic] | Marketing Insider Group

Infographics are some of the most popular ways to share information online in a visually stimulating way. And it’s why they’ve become an important component of content marketing.

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3- Conference In-Person Event Content: 3 Points of View – Heidi Cohen

Conference in-person event content builds your audience and community. Content Marketing World is an example of how to tap into conference content.

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4- Google made a bunch of ads to remind you what Duo is

Google really wants people to use its new video chat app Duo. So much so that it made not one or even two, but five different video ads promoting the service. The ads, five full 30-second ones and…

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5- NEW in AdWords: Demographic Targeting for Search Campaigns | WordStream

Google has finally enabled demographic targeting for search campaigns. Learn tips and best practices for targeting and excluding by age, gender, and more in AdWords.

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