1- Mark Zuckerberg shared this video of his ‘crazy virtual reality’ where ‘you can experience anything’

Virtual Reality looks entertaining but isolating. Mark Zuckerberg’s version is all about hanging with your real friends.

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2- Predictive Acquisition: Go After Those Promising Prospects

Check out this best practices guide on Predictive Acquisition and learn how you can successfully go after your most promising prospects in Radius.

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3- This is what an A.I.-powered future looks like

Today, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with artificial intelligence (A.I.) and how individuals will interact with its various forms. Every single aspect of our society — from cars to houses to products to services — will be reimagined and redesigned to incorporate A.I.

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4- Who Owns the Funnel – Who Gives a F*CK?

Whether marketing or sales own the funnel is irrelevant. As more companies use social media and marketing technology the question becomes ‘which elements influence the funnel?’.

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5- New York Times just printed terrifying list of all of Donald Trump’s Twitter insults

Trump has turned Twitter into his own digital battlefield.

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