1- Here’s What A $10 Million Pitch Deck Looks Like | SnapMunk

Earlier in 2016, in their 3rd year of operation, Front App raised $10 million in Series A funding. Here is the pitch deck they used.

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2- Ecommerce Landing Pages: The Good, Bad and Terrible

Take a detailed look at the existing good, bad and terrible ecommerce landing pages to diagnose exactly where your own pages are succeeding… or failing.

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3- Mobile PPC in 2017: A Look Ahead | Distilled

Seemingly every year is another ‘year of mobile’ for the advertising community. In the past decade, the mobile environment has grown exponentially in both user base and functionality. The smartphone has created an entirely new space for advertisers trying to get their message in front of users. It may be an overused cliché, but 2016 is the year of mobile, and 2017 will be too.

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4- AB Testing Statistics: An Intuitive Guide For Non-Mathematicians | Conversion Sciences

An explain the AB testing statistics using a linear, easy-to-follow narrative. Everything you need to know to use AB testing software.

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5- How to Publish Content in the Right Place at the Right Time

This post was originally published on Search Engine Journal by Pratik Dholakiya The difference between good bloggers and great bloggers is the latter know how to publish their content in the right …

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