Digital Marketing

My job and enthusiasm

I’m tech-savvy and I love everything related to tech. After graduating from university in Software Engineering, I started my career as a developer. C++ was the language I learned at university but because of my passion for mobile apps, I came into Java and Android. After a while, I found that programming is not the thing that satisfies me, rather I needed more challenges and more communication! As someone who enjoys complexity, creativity, communicating with people and digital stuff, I chose Digital Marketing. It’s just right for me :)

I have been doing digital marketing since 2012 and I have built most of my careers in SEO, Display Advertising, CPC, Web Analytics and social media strategy. Moreover, my passion for startup culture motivated me to found a SaaS startup which is a web platform to boost online advertising. You can read more about it on my LinkedIn or by visiting the website here (the website is in Farsi and the English version is under construction).


Where words fail, music speaks

I have been playing the electric guitar since I was 14. I’m interested in just about everything about music: listening to music, going to live concert, talking about it, playing, improvising, composing and every other related activity. I’ve always tried to listen to a wide range of musical genres from baroque music like Bach, Handel and Scarlatti to minimal music like Steve Reich, Phillip Glass and Arvo Part. And of course, I have a great passion for rock music too :)

I used to compose rock music and play in a band when I was younger and recently attempted to compose some electronic Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) pieces.

Please let me know if there is something interesting going on about music in Vancouver 😀

Other Interests

I always work on this list to expand

I always look for opportunities to make good memories. Besides my career and music, there are other things that I enjoy to do as hobbies. Movies, outdoor activities, ping pong, soccer and video game are some at the top of the list. Furthermore, I always look for new adventures.